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Rashid Nizamov, from Russia, for Investor visa
Brian Tsuji is a great lawyer. He is very knowledgeable, thorough and patient. He understands how to make complex issues simple and easy to understand. He is a good communicator. He was very effective in dealing with governments and banks and helping us obtain our Canadian Permanent Resident status.

Rafael Sageev, from Russia, for Investor visa
Brian Tsuji is a very skilled lawyer. He is very determined, dedicated and smart. His assistance and guidance was essential to us obtaining Canadian Permanent Resident status.

Patrick Chidolue from Nigeria, for Investor visa
It has been my pleasure to have associated myself with Mr. Brian Edward Tadayoshi Tsuji. I found him to be a very hard worker, spending as much time as necessary to know everything he possibly could about me and a burning desire to achieve results. He functioned distinctively well together with his team of staff as my lawyer par excellence and proved dependable on every given detail required of him without delay. I therefore recommend him to anyone who would want to have his services.

Kie Nagira, from Japan, Arranged Employment & Federal Skilled Worker
Thank you for your professional service and guidance. Your service was very thorough, prompt and helpful. I really appreciate what you and your staff did for me.

Hamed Mahmudi from Iran and Elizabeth Babiarz from Canada, for Spousal Sponsorship
I would like to thank you for all the good work! I would also like to add that Brian and his staff were very helpful and supportive throughout my immigration process. Moreover, the quick and successful result was just fantastic.

Paul Chen-Young, from Jamaica & USA, for Work Visa
Thank you Brian for your guidance and help in getting a work visa so quickly-within 30 days!

Rosendo Pierre Da Costa, from India, for BC PNP
Brian has done excellent work on my BC PNP application. Without his expertise my BC PNP application would be incomplete. NO matter how complicated I though the process would be, Brian and his staff were there at every step of the way. His service and advice has always been very thorough and timely. Hence, I highly recommend Brian Tsuji to you.

Mayumi Tezuka from Japan, for BC PNP Entry and Semi-Skilled
Thank you for all your help. You and your staff have provided me with very good service and guidance. I could not have done it without you. I highly recommend you to anyone needing immigration work done!

Toshio Manaka from Japan, for BC PNP International Graduate
I received my Canadian Visa. Thank you for all your help. Brian Tsuji and his staff have done a very good job for me. They were always available to answer all my questions. I highly recommend him to you.

Socheat Kang from Australia & Cambodia and Joe Frank from Canada, for Spousal Sponsorship
Brian sat down with me and at our initial consultation and made sure he understood my specific situation and how to best help with my wife coming to Canada permanently. Brian and his staff were always willing to answer my questions and were very helpful with completion of all the forms required. I met with Brian and his staff on a couple occasions to go through my pictures, and the forms and all other backup. Once everything was done, they filed the required information and provided me with a full copy. My wife has recently been approved permanent residency and it only took about 5.5 months from start to finish. I would recommend Brian to anyone!

Abdollah Daneshvar from Iran and Mehrangiz Fakouri from Canada, for Spousal Sponsorship
We are very, very happy with your work. We really appreciate your work. You did a wonderful job. We are glad we found you. We are very pleased.

Desmond & Yvette Pim from UK & Moyra (Pim) Armstrong from Canada , for Parental Sponsorship
Thank you for all your good work and advice. You have provided us with excellent service. My parents were happy and relieved to get their visa approval. They are really looking forward to living in Canada and being with me and my children. Your work has been very good and I look forward to working with you on other immigration work for other members of my family.

Irfan Hussain, Pakistan and UAE, Intra-corporate Transfer Work Visa
Brian Tsuji has contributed a great deal to our successful work visa application. He was always available to meet with me and provide me with helpful advice and guidance. I recommend to all applicants who wish to take any type of immigration and legal services in Canada, they can use Brian Tsuji with confidence.

Diego Acosta from Colombia, Lisa Boog from Boardworks, for Work Visa
Thank you for all you did to get us this far. Without your support and guidance we would have been lost in the mound of paperwork and bureaucracy that is involved in this lengthy and frustrating process.

Daihachi Harada from Japan, for BC PNP
Thank you very much. You did a good job for me. It was successful. I am so happy. I highly recommend you.

Anshuman Bir from India, for BC PNP
Thank you for your wonderful work. It is only because of you I succeeded. All because of you Brian!

Shobo Hagiwara from Japan and Shogu Kimura from USA, for Religious Ministerís Visa
We appreciate your fine services in obtaining a Religious Ministerís visa for our priest. Many thanks from Nichiren Shoshu for obtaining a visa for our priest. We really appreciate all your great work. We feel your service is especially good. Your services helped our priest and us understand the process. We thank Mr. Tsuji and his staff for exceptionally good service.

Aaron Estano from USA and Heather Estano from Canada, for Temporary Residence Permit
Thank you so much. You did a superb job. We have been lost without you. It worked! We did not think it would be possible. We are so happy I can be with my wife and my child in Canada.

Shane Green from New Zealand, for BC PNP
Brian assisted me in completing my BC PNP application for Permanent Residency and I could not be happier with the service and results I received from him and his team. Being able to stop by the office anytime or get hold of him on the phone was never a problem and made a big difference to what I Ďm sure at times can be a stressful process. My situation changed during my application and having Brianís guidance and advice during this period was invaluable in helping me make some lif changing decisions. I would not hesitate to recommend Brian to my friends, family and anyone contemplating a move to Canada. Thank you Brian, I could not have done it without you.

Eiji Tsuji from Japan, for Federal Skilled Worker
Thank you for all the good work and service provided by you and your staff. I was able to obtain a work visa and my Canadian PR status with your assistance. You made it possible to reach my goals.

Sue Ann MacBride from USA, for Federal Skilled Worker
Thank you for your professional assistance and guidance. I was very happy to receive my Canadian Permanent Resident status and to be able to start a new life.

(Winston) Chung-Hao Wang from Taiwan, IAD Appeal
Thank you very much! I really thank you and appreciate your efforts in my case. According to the results of my PR Card appeal I will be in Vancouver very soon. I will soon see my son. If you have the chance to meet the Member please pass my respects and appreciation to him. I will work hard in my business and do a good performance to this and to my country, Canada.

Sadri Soheil from Iran, Fariba Tahery Tehrany from Canada, IAD Appeal
Brian was able to accomplish the impossible. I got reunited with my son. He did a great job to win our IAD case. Thank you so much for winning our appeal. You have made me so very happy. I will now be reunited with my son who I love very much. Thanks for everything.

Mariko Fujimaki from Japan, Federal Skilled Worker
Thank you for all your hard work, time and support.

Teresita Ballongay Javier & children from Philippines and Roberto Javier from Canada, for Spousal Sponsorship and Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds
Good News!!!My wife has advised me they have received the immigrant visa yesterday. They are very happy. Thank you so much for your help and assistance.

Walmiki Bhirud from India, for Work Visa and Federal Skilled Worker
Brian, I and my wife would like to thank you and your team for their excellent service. You have been with us through every part of the procedure and I am glad that I had you and your team assisting us for our work permits and Canadian immigration.

Nhan Bui and Ngoan Vu from Vietnam, for Permanent Resident Cards
We got our PR Cards. Thank you for all your help and effort. It was excellent.

Filipinas (Dolor) Russell from Philippines and Thomas Russell from Canada, for Spousal Sponsorship
Thank you so much for the excellent job you and your staff did for Filipina Dolorís immigrant status. ďUnbelievableĒ. The papers were processed in only 7 months. Thank you for putting together such a complete package including all of our photos especially our wedding which was sent to the immigration department. If your future clients ever wish to contact us about our time spent with your firm we could only offer them our highest regards concerning your excellent work ethic and perfect results. Once again we thank you from the bottom or our hearts and for a job well done.

Artem Cherkasov, Canadian University Professor, Scientist
I highly recommend Brian Tsuji to you. All of the Russian friends I have referred to Brian Tsuji for Canadian Immigration matters have been very pleased with his excellent legal work and the wonderful results he achieves.

Ronald Friesen, Canadian Lawyer, Chief Executive Officer Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia (Many PR Card, Citizenship, Sponsorship, Work Visa, Business, Corporate clients referred)
Over the years, I have referred many clients to Brian Tsuji. They have always been very happy with the excellent service and the positive results.

Jack Huberman, Q.C., Canadian Lawyer, Former Executive Director Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia (Many BC PNP, Work Visa, Skilled Worker, Visitor, Sponsorship clients referred)
Iíve dealt with a lot of lawyers in my 35+ years in the profession. I am impressed by your professionalism, diligence and sensitivity to your clientís needs. Youíre doing a great job in that regard and I wanted you to know how much it is appreciated

Santiago Nemirovsky, from Argentina, for BC PNP, Work Visas
Brian Tsuji not only changed my legal status in Canada, BRIAN TSUJI CHANGED MY LIFE. He enabled me to start a new life in Canada. He contributed to my peace of mind, happiness and well being. Brian Tsuji succeeded on my employerís HRSDC application and my CIC Work Visa application. Brian THANK YOU. PNP would never have been possible without your professional advice. You cannot understand how happy I am. This successful step opens infinite doors for me and gives me the freedom that I need to grow personally and professionally. Brian took care of every single detail of every step of both application processes. He was meticulous, methodical and unlike other immigration lawyers, he provided a very warm and friendly customer care. He demonstrated to be proficient on every step of the process. He anticipated all potential obstacles. Brian is an incredible hard working professional. He stayed up late several nights working on my case. He was available over the phone and by email after regular business hours. He was always available and open for meetings without a previous appointment.
Brian knew about the key importance of being emphatic since we first met; he clearly understood my short and long term life goals and worked non stop to achieve those goals. He took my case as his own personal professional challenge.

Isao Otani and Sachiko Otani, from Japan, for Investor Visa
Brian Tsuji got our Investor Visa in only six and one-half months. We got our Investor Visa approval faster than we thought was possible. Brian Tsujiís service was great

Alastair Ross and Jeanette Ross, from England, for Federal Investor
We got our Investor application approved in only 8 months. This was far faster than we expected. Brian Tsuji did a great job and we could not find a lawyer here in the UK with his expertise and experience. His office was very helpful and supportive. We highly recommend him. We are now looking forward to living in British Columbia, Canada which has been our aim for many years.

Abhishek Singh Tariyal, from India, BC PNP International Student Permanent Resident Visa
Fantastic service. Great results. It only took two weeks for Brian Tsuji to prepare and file my application. Three months later I received my BC PNP approval. I cannot believe how fast it happened. Brianís guidance and advice was very helpful. I highly recommend him to you.

Kate Powell, from England, UK, for Work Visa
Brian, youíre the greatest! You made my Canadian dreams come true.

Min Cui from China and David Lee Kwan from Canada, for Spousal Sponsorship
I got my Canadian permanent residence from the Canadian Embassy in Beijing in just three months. There was no interview. That was great! I cannot believe our application was processed so quickly and successfully. I was very impressed with your very thorough and detailed work on my application. You did a great job!

Hiroshi Wakabayashi, from Japan, for BC PNP
Brian Tsuji is the best Canadian immigration lawyer you could get. He knows both Canadian Provincial and Federal immigration laws better than anyone I have met. He got me Canadian Landed very quickly using the BC Provincial (Immigration) Nominee Program. I have worked with many lawyers in my career as both a senior Japanese Government Official and Senior Business Executive. He was the best at getting the job done effectively and quickly. The result has been fantastic, quick, logical and smart action had been taken and the communication with the Government was just wonderful. I am sure it was impossible for me to get the status without his help.

Andrew Smyth, from England, UK, VP Legal & Administrative Affairs, GPNW Consulting Corp., for BC PNP
With Brianís advice and guidance we made two [USA and Venezuela citizens] successful BC PNP applications. Having these two key workers in Canada on a permanent basis will be enormously beneficial to our business, and we valued having Brianís expertise to guide us through the Provincial Nominee process.

Handika Handoko, from Indonesia, for BC PNP
Thank you for your help and with Godís grace, I am now a Canadian permanent resident. I highly recommend Brian Tsuji if you are looking for an efficient and professional lawyer to help you with your provincial nomination and immigration application. My application package was submitted within two weeks and I got nominated 6 weeks later. Four months after, I got my permanent residence. His office has done an exceptional job in gathering required information, preparing all the required forms as well as communicating with authorities in charge of my application.

Brendan Charlton, from Ireland, for BC PNP
Thank you for your assistance with my BC PNP and application for permanent residence. You and your staff have been very thorough in the presentation of my application package. I always received the attention and assistance I needed at each stage of my application and I got my permanent residence in seven months. At no stage during my application was I ever in doubt that my file was in good hands.

Opinder Singh, from India, BC PNP
I could not have gotten my Canadian Permanent Residence without your wonderful guidance. It only took 8 months from start to finish. BC PNP was very fast. Thank you for your great help.

Chiharu Klugh, from Japan, for Federal Business Immigration Program
I was so happy to receive my Canadian Landed Immigrant Visa. I am very thankful I had Brian Tsuji as my immigration lawyer for my business application. Brian did a great job in preparing my application and me for my interview. Even after the Canadian Consulate indicated I might not succeed Brian never gave up. He provided me with excellent advice and guidance in obtaining additional documents and information that allowed me to succeed. He was always there to provide answers to my questions and to provide me with positive suggestions and encouragement. I highly recommend Brian to you. He is an excellent lawyer with strong negotiating skills and great determination.

Koichiro Kikuchi, from Japan, Secretary, Shinji Shumeikai Canada, for Skilled Worker, Work, Business Visitor and Business Services
Brian Tsuji is an excellent lawyer. He has provided our organization in both our British Columbia and Alberta operations with great performance, strategy, and advice on many different immigration, work and business visitor visa and business matters. Brian has a great ability to take complex matters and explain them in easily understood language. He is a problem solver. He can take problems that other lawyers are not able to resolve and provide quick well thought out solutions. He is an exceptional negotiator and has a tremendous ability to negotiate compromises with government officials and other parties. Brian is also very diligent and determined. He always responds quickly and always delivers what he promises to. He will work long hours to meet your deadlines. If your organization is looking for a lawyer that can handle all your immigration, work visa and business needs and relate them to business matters Brian is the lawyer for you. Our organization is international and its demands are sophisticated with staff constantly being involved from offices in Asia and America. He understands how to deal with Asians and how to do international business and matters. Brian is able to act as the leader and coordinator of matters involving our foreign offices and also other large law firms. Brian is very good at producing positive results in very quick time. Brian is an excellent business lawyer and is able to handle our needs on a national and international basis.
We highly recommend Brian to you.

Jin Ping Duo from China, Clint Ballard from Canada, for IAD Appeal of Spousal Sponsorship
We are extremely happy about how our appeal hearing at IAD went. Through Brianís and his staffsí insightful preparation, coaching and hard work, we were very well-prepared for our IAD appeal. We focused on the key issues. Our appeal was allowed.

Benny Villar and Marilou Villar from Canada, for IAD Appeal and Federal Court Appeal of Sponsorship, Adopted Children from the Philippines
Thank you so much for a great job winning our appeal in IAD and our appeal in Federal Court. We look forward to being together with our adopted children Tim and Erwin. At Thanksgiving, we give thanks and are most grateful for having Brian Tsuji as our lawyer.

Carl Trepanier, Canadian, Partner Incentive Access Group, for Business Services
We are fortunate to have Brian Tsuji as our business lawyer. We have business operations in both British Columbia and Alberta. Brian has provided us with practical legal advice and prompt legal assistance on a wide variety of business matters. Brian has a strong ability to take complex issues and problems and provide simple, easy, to understand options and solutions. He always responds quickly to our requests. His answers are helpful and allow us to proceed with confidence. His legal work is excellent.
We highly recommend Brian to you for business legal matters.

Yuko Takahashi, from Japan, President Pegasus Foods, for Business Services and Work Visas
Mr. Tsuji provided us with excellent business legal assistance and strategy involving major international contracts and commercial disputes. He also has strong business insight and good business judgment. Mr. Tsuji was able to obtain work visas for several of our staff. These were tough cases. Mr. Tsuji had to use strong strategy and negotiation skills with the government to get these work visas for our companyís personnel. Mr. Tsuji has extremely strong abilities as a work visa lawyer. If you need a lawyer that combines excellent immigration and business legal abilities, you should speak to Mr. Tsuji. I highly recommend him to your company.

Rick Arora, from India, President, Fifth Avenue Holdings & NATC, for Work Visas
Brian Tsuji is a terrific immigration lawyer and has provided our organization with excellent service and strategy. He devised a strategy that allowed our organization to obtain many work visas in both our Victoria and Vancouver operations. Brian provided prompt service and was always available. He was able to provide our organization with an overall strategy for operations in British Columbia that was very successful. He also provided some strategic advice for our Alberta operations. Brian always delivers positive results. If you want an immigration lawyer who can succeed you should contact Brian. We highly recommend Brian. He did a great job for us.

Sung Joo Kim, from Korea, General Manager, OK Gift Shop Ltd., for Work Visas
Mr. Tsuji has provided legal services and assistance to OK Gift in Canada. He has successfully obtained work visas for our staff in Alberta. He has also provided advice and seminars on skilled worker applications and on other immigration matters to our staff and to friends of our organization in BC, Alberta and Ontario. We have found Mr. Tsuji to be skilled and knowledgeable in providing excellent legal services in the work visa and immigration visa areas. He is prompt and tenacious and works hard for his clients. He is a very capable immigration lawyer that produces timely positive results.

Cagdas Aydin, from Turkey, Director, Professional Pacific Software Inc., for Work Visas
I thank all of you, who had a real hard work and effort in making this difficult process come true in such a short time. I believe it is an unbelievable success in CIC history to get two work visas for a newly formed company in only 4 days. I would like to give my special thanks and credits to Brian Tsuji.

Meg Jordan, from San Francisco, California, USA, for Skilled Worker, Work Visas
The best person I know who can answer any question about immigration law is my immigration lawyer Brian Tsuji. Heís quick, responsive, and knows everything there is about getting into this wonderful country. I came here just over a year ago, and he helped me with every stage. I now have my Canadian landed status.
I presented one of the more challenging immigration cases, and he was patient, wise and absolutely brilliant at figuring out every stage. He managed to overcome every obstacle thanks to his invaluable insight and his vast experience.

Steve Levin from USA, for Religious Worker Visa and Skilled Worker
Thank so much for all your great efforts, your kindness, help and guidance with my immigration matters. You led me by the hand through these and I really appreciate it. It was what we call a ďmitzvahĒ.

Aya Takahashi, from Japan, for Skilled Worker
I highly recommend Brian Tsuji as an immigration lawyer. Everybody said that my lawyer was excellent as I received my landed immigrant status so fast. Yes I agree with everybody. Brian Tsuji is an excellent lawyer. He was always available to help prepare my application and documents and answer questions. He did an excellent job of preparing me for the interview. He also was helpful with suggestions and advice on seeking employment in Canada and preparing for job interviews.

Pillay Ramakrishna, from India, for Skilled Worker
Brian did a great job. He was very thorough providing us with advice, guidance and strategy. We had our interview waived. He also had some useful insight in obtaining employment in Canada. He was helpful in assisting me to obtain a job interview in Canada. Brian was diligent in following up with CIC for progress on our case. He moved our matter forward, in particular with our medical matters.

Joo Namgung, from Korea, for Skilled Worker
Brianís strong argument of the merits of my case allowed me to have my interview waived. Brian was very determined in pursuing the government when they delayed the final release of my landed immigrant papers. He made inquiries and continually pursued them until I finally got my immigration visa. I highly recommend Brian to you. Brian is an excellent immigration lawyer. He never gives up.

Silvia Orellana, from Ecuador, for Skilled Worker
My new life in Canada is due to the hard work of my lawyer Brian Tsuji. He has patiently and skillfully assisted me. He has explained clearly to me the various new changes in the law. We have made additional strong arguments and sent in additional documents to comply with these changes. I was very happy to have my interview waived. Brian has been great. I think he is very thorough. He is the best immigration lawyer you could have.

Roger De Villa and Francia De Villa, from Philippines, for Skilled Worker
Brian Tsuji did great work to help us get our landed immigrant status quickly. He had great strategy to allow us to succeed without having to take the IELTS English test. He was very determined in making sure our medical results were promptly processed. He had useful and helpful suggestions to assist us to prepare for and pass our interview. He was very thorough, very professional and always available to assist us. We highly recommend him as a great immigration lawyer.

Blaine Gibson, USA lawyer, Seattle & Washington D.C., USA, for Skilled Worker
Brian Tsuji handled my successful skilled worker application for Canadian permanent residence. Brian was professional, well organized, responsive and gave highly valuable assistance.

Sanae Kikuchi, from Japan, Sponsorship
I was very happy to get my Landed Immigrant status to allow me to stay with my husband in Canada. Brian did a great job. He provided me with a good understanding of what we were going to do. He was always available to answer my questions. I was able to get my visa quickly.

Vicki Myhill, from Australia, Sponsorhip
I owe a great deal of thanks to Brian Tsuji. Without his wonderful assistance, patience and skill I would not have my Canadian visa. Thank you Brian for all your

Susan Keuer from USA, Paul Brown from Canada, Conjugal Partner Sponsorship
Thank you for a great job with our application for conjugal partner sponsorship. We got our permanent residence in three months! We are aware that the conjugal partnership is the most difficult of applications. Because of the thorough and well-presented work you did for us, everything went through CIC without an interview.

Chin Chen (Addison) Yang, from Taiwan, Student Visa
Brian Tsuji is a very good immigration lawyer. He is able to explain clearly to the client what needs to be done. He is able to analyze a complex situation quickly. He provides excellent and easy to understand explanations and strategy. I would not have been able to get my student visa without Brianís valuable assistance. He thoroughly prepared the application and me for the interview. He went with me to the Seattle Canadian Consulate and to the border crossing. He made me feel relaxed and confident I would succeed.
I highly recommend Brian Tsuji to you.

Benjamin Hann, from Australia, Work Visa
Brian did a great job on my work visa application. My employer originally applied on its own for my work visa and failed. It was only after we hired Brian and received Brianís expert advice that we were able to succeed. Brian is a superb immigration lawyer. I very highly recommend him to you.

Noel Aperocho, from Philippines, Federal Court Appeal several referrals
I am a Philippine lawyer. I have referred several rejected Canadian immigration cases to Brian Tsuji for appeal to Canadian Federal Court. He has done an outstanding job on these matters. He is very knowledgeable, capable and effective. In particular, he went to Federal Court and won an appeal for Mr. Ireneo Javier. This great victory allowed him to get his Canadian Landed Immigrant status.

Yuko Takahashi, from Japan, Federal Court Appeal
Brian Tsuji did a great job at Canadian Federal Court to win my case and my Canadian Citizenship. Brian is a great immigration courtroom lawyer. I am now a Canadian citizen. I am very happy. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Brian Tsuji.

Chin-Hsien Wang, Ying-Hua Wang, from Taiwan, for Visitor Visa
Brian Tsuji did a very good job in helping us get a visitor visa quickly. He was fast, efficient, thorough and always available to provide good advice. He prepared our case in a very effective manner. Brianís strong efforts allowed us to visit our grandchild. Brian is an excellent lawyer. We highly recommend him to you.

Mao-Sung Huang, Ming-Lih Cheng, from Taiwan, for Permanent Resident Cards
We were very happy to receive our Permanent Resident Cards. We had a tough case. We would not have received our PR Cards without Brianís expert advice. We thought the government had refused us. Brian made some great new arguments. He presented new extra documents and new extra facts. The government reconsidered our case and gave us our PR Cards. Brian is a very smart and hard working lawyer. We recommend him to you.

Taeko (Hoshi) Summerville, from Japan, for Permanent Resident Card
Thank you for the great work you did on my PR Card application. I got my PR Card faster than anyone thought was possible.

Mook Yung Park, from Korea, for Skilled Worker
Brian did a great job. He provided fast processing. He was always available to promptly answer my questions with clear answers. I am very thankful of his wonderful service.

Rudolph Dela Cruz, from Philippines, for Work Visa
Brian has done a great job in obtaining my work visa. He obtained the work visa very quickly. He was able to make a skillful argument and adapt quickly as the situation and facts changed. He clearly explained my options and always kept me informed. He provided useful legal and practical advice.

Joe Dewan, from India, for Skilled Worker
Brian took over my brotherís case that had been in New Delhi, India Canadian High Commission for years with no progress being made. He was able to provide them with additional information and argue the case strongly. This resulted in my brother obtaining an interview quickly and my brother obtaining his Landed Immigrant status quickly.

Abbas Mayahi
Your strong ability, produced a visa for me in a very short time. I am grateful for the work you did.

Masae Mori, from Japan, for Skilled Worker
Brian Tsuji provided brilliant advice and strategy. In particular Brian was excellent in helping to obtain letters confirming the duties and responsibilities I had when the employer was not very cooperative in providing details. These letters were critical in establishing my experience for immigration purposes.

Kimiko Irei, from Japan, for Skilled Worker
Brian Tsuji provided excellent strategy to explain why I was out of the work force for several years to care for a sick parent. He also provided excellent strategy and advice in successfully assisting me in obtaining job interviews for potential employment. This helped make my interview much easier as the most difficult questions had been answered prior to the interview.

O.F., from Japan, for Work Visa
Brian Tsuji is a great lawyer. He did a fantastic job on getting me a work visa. Without him I never would have been able to get my work visa. He really knows how to deal with government officials. He did a wonderful job of preparing my case and convincing the government to give me a work visa. With my work visa I can now apply for Canadian Landed Immigrant Status.

Bev Boys, Director Diving British Columbia, Work Visa for Coach
Brian Tsuji is a hero to our organization. He did a great job in assisting us to obtain a work visa for our diving coach Fu Quiang (of China).

Brian Edward Tadayoshi Tsuji
Canadian Immigration Lawyer
2800 Park Place
666 Burrard Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6C 2Z7

Tel:(604) 643-6496 Fax:(604) 605-3596
Email: btsuji@davis.ca Website: http://www.davis.ca

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Brian Edward Tadayoshi Tsuji
Canadian Immigration Lawyer
2800 Park Place
666 Burrard Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6C 2Z7

Tel:(604) 643-6496 Fax:(604) 605-3596
Email: btsuji@davis.ca Website: http://www.davis.ca